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M4H creates social programs that leverage the unique properties of specific metals and minerals to improve the lives of communities in need. The organisation educates and informs stakeholders, beneficiaries, and society at large about the critical role that responsibly sourced metals and minerals play in a just and sustainable world.
M4H works to better realise the mining industry's potential as a partner in development.
Through participatory engagement, M4H works with communities to identify challenges and needs.  Bespoke programmes are designed that empower beneficiaries with knowledge and capacities that serve them now and into the future.
Sustainable Development
Sustainable Development
The 2002 Monterrey Consensus established that public financing on its own is insufficient to achieving internationally agreed development goals. An inclusive and equitable world can be created only with the participation of the private sector.

An enabler of human development, whose products are essential to a low-carbon future, mining is uniquely positioned to contribute to this global endeavour.

Connecting the products of mining to the UN SDGs, M4H helps to realise minings's potential to improve the health, equality, and prosperity of underserved communities.
Pure Silver

The Pure Silver Initative

The Pure Silver Initiative leverages the antibacterial properties of silver to promote hygiene and bring clean, drinking water to vulnerable populations.

Initially focused on mining communities, the Initiative also includes rural and urban communities without any direct connection to mining.

Beyond material infrastructure, projects include education on the science, functioning and maintenance of installed systems.

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Sure Sourcing

Sure Sourcing

Consumer support for sustainable development requires that responsibly sourced products be distinguishable from other products in the marketplace.

While related efforts have been made in the case of diamonds, this challenge is more pronounced in the large-scale metals industry, where ore from multiple sources is typically combined at the smelting stage.

M4H and industry partners are working to close this loop in a model effort that will track responsibly mined silver from Fresnillo’s San Julián mine through production to the retail sale.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these pieces will be donated to support M4H’s effort to ensure clean drinking water across public primary schools in Mexico City.


Fresnillo is to provide responsibly mined silver from its mine in San Julián, Chihuahua, the first mine in Mexico to have carried out a comprehensive indigenous consultation.
An award-winning metallurgical company and one of Mexico's main exporters, Peñoles will receive, segregate, and separately process the ore from San Julián, to provide certainty as to the singularity and provenance of the resulting silver.
Tane, Mexico's leading fine jeweller, will use the sure-sourced silver to create a special jewellery line from which a percentage of sales will be donated to support the Pure Silver Initiative's clean water projects in Mexico City schools.
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