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Silver is a powerful germicide.  The Pure Silver Initiative uses silver – nature's first antiseptic – to clean water and promote wellbeing.

From age-old methods like rainwater harvesting, to the latest silver-based disinfection technologies, the Pure Silver Initiative addresses water challenges in mining communities, and across society more widely.

The Initiative was established in Mexico in 2015 with the support of Fresnillo plc, the world's number one primary silver producer, and seeks to extend its influence with additional projects in Peru, Chile, and beyond.    

Our Projects

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Projects extend beyond social programmes at mine sites to underserved rural communities and densely populated urban neighbourhoods where access to clean water and sanitation remains a struggle.  Through interactive educational programmes that teach beneficiaries about water stewardship, the maintenance of new technologies, and the catalysing power of silver, water-wise solutions are introduced in schools and health clinics.  The aim is to contribute to the vision of UN SDG #6: "to ensure access to water and sanitation for all".


Water Drop
The Pure Silver Initiative has brought clean drinking water and improved sanitation to 32,000 people in Mexico.
In an independent third-party assessment in Hidalgo, 52% of participants reported health improvements.
Hand Washing
Handwashing facilities increased by 90% in participating schools in Mexico City.
Mining Communities
Mining Communities

An innovative workshop, “Photo Voice”, partners mine personnel with members of the local community in teams to photo document their surroundings, bridging social distances and encouraging participants to arrive – literally – at a common viewpoint on shared water challenges.

Opportunities for improvement are identified and discrete projects, such silver-based disinfection and rain-water harvesting, are implemented by development partners with ongoing technical support from the mine.

Clean-water projects are supported through educational workshops that inform community members on the science and benefits of silver.

Rural Communities
Rural Communities

In partnership with academic and civil society partners, the Initiative educated water-challenged communities on the science and health benefits of silver, and distributed point-of-use disinfection systems to schools and healthcare clinics.

Access to potable water decreases the consumption of sugary drinks, which reduces the high incidence of obesity and diabetes in these communities.

The experience has a catalysing effect, inspiring participants to reach beyond the goals of the programme, to self-organise to pursue broader positive change.

Urban Communities
Rural Communities

The COVID-19 pandemic inspired a new venture, “Manos limpias son manos libres” (“Clean hands are free hands”), which saw the installation of handwashing stations in 60 public schools.

The relationships forged in the course of this project with the Federal Education Authority gave rise to a more ambitious target – to bring clean drinking water to all the public primary schools in Mexico City.

This latest chapter is as yet in the planning stages and is expected to roll out in the course of 2024.

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Working in partnership - between mining staff and community leaders/school teachers in 5 communities in the Tarahumara region of Chihuahua - the photo workshop enabled participants to look at the world (and water challenges) through a single lens.
Combining photo, art and theatre to raise awareness about water, health and sanitation, with the support of leading NGOs and mining engineers, rainwater harvesting systems were established in the local schools of La Ciénega, Durango.
The last mile: introducing silver-based disinfection systems gives villagers the confidence to drink the water newly provided by a recent rainwater-harvesting project.
The Pure Silver Initiative outreach programme teaches residents about the health benefits of silver, exposing many for the first time to an institution of higher learning.
Iztapalapa & xochimilco, mexico city
clean hands are free hands
Elementary school students in Mexico City reaffirmed their knowledge about the importance of handwashing as a barrier to preventing diseases.
water-saving washing stations
Schools in Iztapalapa and Xochimilco benefited from water-saving washing stations, promoting water culture and preventing diseases among the school community.
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