Metals for Humanity and the Pure Silver Initiative

To address the great challenges we face today, we need collaboration across sectors. We need alliances between private companies, civil society organizations, governments, and local communities. This is something we are keenly aware of and for that reason we created the “Pure Silver Initiative”, spearheaded by the world’s #1 silver mining company, Fresnillo plc.

Through strategic alliances to deliver water-wise solutions, we began working in rural communities in Mexico in 2016. The first projects were dedicated to fighting water scarcity and disinfecting water using the antibacterial properties of silver.

The Pure Silver Initiative also carries out community engagement activities and educational workshops to ensure a successful integration of new technologies into everyday life. This type of collaboration is fundamental to achieving the UN’s sustainable development goals, as indicated by #17 — joint actions achieve real solutions.

With the proven model of the Pure Silver Initiative, Metals for Humanity was formed to create and lead additional initiatives for progressive mining companies looking to innovate their social performance, connecting metals or minerals to humanitarian goals and, in this way, contribute to the UN sustainable development agenda.


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