M4H joins the International Zinc Association

Metals4Humanity (M4H) is proud to announce that we have accepted an invitation from the International Zinc Association (IZA) to join as an associate member.

IZA, the world’s leading representative of zinc miners, partners with stakeholders on programs to promote the essentiality and value of zinc.

M4H works with mining companies to use the products they extract to address large-scale humanitarian challenges, strengthen vulnerable communities, and contribute to the UN 2030 Agenda.

This exciting new partnership will help further our mutual goal to spread awareness of zinc and get more of this life-saving micronutrient into people’s diets.

Following M4H’s successful collaboration with silver miner Fresnillo plc to bring clean water and handwashing programs to underserved communities in Mexico, our next goal is to collaborate with a leading zinc miner to improve food security. Zinc is an essential, life-saving nutrient, yet 1.3 billion people are at risk of being deficient.

M4H will partner with a spearheading miner to fund a zinc-fortification programme, a proven method of increasing farmers’ crop yields and boosting human health.

The IZA’s successful Zinc Nutrient Initiative, which delivers zinc fertiliser to farmers, demonstrates how miners can give back to the communities in which they mine.

M4H founder Ingrid Putkonen says, “M4H is honoured to be a member of an organisation with such a long, successful track record in promoting the power of zinc. We look forward to working with a zinc miner to deliver more of this essential mineral where it is needed, to boost a community's health. We are excited to collaborate with the IZA to help bring our vision to life.”

To find out more about the scale of the zinc deficiency problem and how zinc-fortification programmes work, head to the M4H website.

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